Escape from Pripyat Outskirts

Adinan Cenci Published: Updated:

I was having difficulty finding things to do on Call of Chernobyl but eventually I came up with this challenge. It is quite hard, I myself have not yet managed to complete it. Hopefully people will find it entertaining, make their own spin of it, etc. So, to the challenge:

This is a challenge for Call of Chernobyl players. Scour Pripyat Outskirts for what you need to make the journey, once you acquired a sleeping bag and got yourself well equipped, leave. Either through Pripyat underground or Radar, after reaching a safe heaven such as Yanov station or the Army's Warehouse, you win.


  1. Spawn at Pripyat Outskirts
  2. Find a sleeping bag
    1. If you fail to find a sleeping bag after 5 in-game days, you are allowed to leave without it.
  3. Reach a friendly hub center ( Yanov Station, Army Warehouse .etc )


Veteran or Master on Ironman mod.

User Interface
Mini-map and the NPC proximity sound disabled. It may be achieved with mods such as: Light HUD.

Any faction other than Monolith

Starting gear
Random, starts with no weapon or ammunition besides a knife. You will need to drop your weapons, ammo and binoculars as soon as you spawn, if you spawn with a sleeping bag drop it too, one of the objectives is to find one.

No artifacts

You may use:

  • Bread
  • Tourist Delight
  • Sausage
  • Energy drink
  • Bandages
  • Regular med-kits
  • Vodka to deal with radiation

And nothing else. That means no anabiotic to skip emissions or psy storms.

You may have two weapons equipped at all times plus the knife.
You may carry more weapons in your inventory, but must not directly equip those.
In order to switch equipped weapons, you need to interact with an external inventory, such as crates, backpacks or downed enemies. You don't need to put anything inside, you just need to open up the interface and from there switch your equipped gear.

Binoculars not allowed.

Night Vision
Night vision not allowed.

You may use sleeping bags or the bedroll at the base.
You must sleep only inside cleared buildings, you must not share it with hostiles.
You must not sleep in rooms exposed to the weather, that means: no windows.
You must not sleep during emissions and psy storms.

Emissions and psy storms need to be set to occur every 12 hours.
You must not skip them by sleeping or using anabiotics.